POET-ry in the Workplace: Ensuring Job Compatibility

Hiring the right candidate is not simple. A candidateís resumť only tells the company so much: where the candidate went to school, their work experience, and a few other pertinent qualifications. But, does it really say much about whether they are physically right for the job? No one wants to hire someone that gets injured, from both a personal and financial standpoint. But, a candidate that isnít physically capable of performing a physical job can be just that.

Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) is a tool that is designed to assist hiring staff in selecting the ideal candidates for the job in question by evaluating whether they are physically capable of performing the bona fide essential duties of the job. But donít be fooled, this is not a simple process as there are some important guidelines that must be adhered to so as not to discriminate against potential candidates.

This month, our webinar will explore the world of POET, including what they are, legal implications surrounding their use, and the potential benefits of implementing this as part of your process. Join us to learn more!

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Jul 25, 2018
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