PROergonomics' 2018 Industrial Ergonomics Conference

"Bringing Ergonomics Into Focus"

Hosted by PROergonomics, the 2018 Industrial Ergonomic Conference will be an amazing way to help organizations take their ergonomics program to the next level (or get one off the ground!). Improve your bottom line by taking ergonomic action this year! Simple actions can have a meaningful impact to improve productivity, reduce ergonomic-related injuries and minimize overall claim costs. At PROergonomics, we believe that itís important to spend time training and learning so that you can advance your ergonomics program and the conference sessions have been designed to do just that.

$99.00 per person

$79.00 per person for 2+ registrations from same company

Daily Schedule:

9:00-10:00 am Registration and breakfast
10:00-10:20 am Welcome and Introductions
10:30-11:30 am Session 1
11:30-12:20 pm Lunch
12:20-12:50 pm Networking
1:00-2:00 pm Session 2
2:10-3:00 pm Legislation Update - Changes that will affect your program and Closing


  1. Hazard Identification
    Title: Dig Deeper into Hazard Identification: Greater Detail for Greater Effectiveness
    Hazard identification; sounds simple right? In our experience, many people can rhyme off the main MSD hazards such as force, awkward posture, and repetition but few do an effective job of looking close enough to gather useful information for the next steps of risk evaluation and control recommendation. This session will walk you through how to take basic hazard identification to the next level, so you get the information you need to make productive, impactful change.
  2. Controls
    Title: Measuring the Impact of Potential Controls and your ROI
    Everyone has issues with the job they do, and many have suggestions for how to improve it, but which solutions are the best? How do you evaluate that? No one wants to waste valuable time and money on solutions that are going to have little impact or pose greater risk. Letís discuss several ways you can evaluate your potential solutions to determine the impact on injury risk and, consequently, the return you can expect on your investment.
  3. PDA
    Title: Working Reactively? Ergonomic Tools to Have in Your Toolbox.
    Feel like youíre putting out fires (i.e. dealing with issues or injuries) and never getting proactive with your ergonomic program? You arenít alone. If you are feeling like youíre on a hamster wheel, then join us to learn more about some tools you should have in your toolbox to make a reactive approach to ergonomics the most efficient it can be (and maybe even learn about a small step or two you can take to start moving towards being proactive!).
  4. Front-Line Staff Training
    Title: Ergonomics is Not a Secret! Educate your Front-Line Staff to Improve Your Ergonomic Program
    Front line employees are usually the ones performing the most physical jobs and are therefore exposed to the greatest ergonomic risk. BUT, they also have the most control over how they work. In this session we will share some client success stories, showcasing how they were able to really engage their front line staff and get them thinking about the role they play in ergonomic injury prevention.

Whatís included in your registration:

  • Choice of two dynamic sessions presented by PROergonomicsí Certified Ergonomists
  • Exclusive service giveaways
  • NEW! Legislation changes you need to know
  • Hot lunch, coffee/tea
  • Packed attendee bag with great tools, handouts, resources, AND MORE!

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"Refreshed my previous knowledge and motivated me to promote ergonomics at my facilityĒ John Small, Mueller Canada

"Learned about Cognitive Demands Assessment. This is a great tool. I never thought to incorporate a CDA into the PDA process." Michelle Simpson, Applied Electronics Limited

"[The IEC] was very valuable, especially the RA [Risk Assessment] sample. Great working with PROergonomics!" Sheryl Ranton, Theta TTS

"Information presented is very valuable and can easily be incorporated into any workplace. Having someone share best practices helps support ways to utilize the information at our own workplace. Great day!" Judy Hamilton, Wolf Steel Ltd Ė Napoleon.

"The PROergonomics team is knowledgeable and always happy to help. Working with them is great. It's not a sales pitch Ė they truly want to help you improve your workplace." Stephanie Unsworth, Airbus Helicopters Canada Limited

  • Event: Workshop
  • Date: Jun 07, 2018

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