Did you know? Ergonomics does apply to Forklift Operators

Forklift operators typically know the ins and outs of their equipment. However, forklift use does present specific ergonomic hazards that operators must contend with including: static sitting postures, awkward back postures to twist, and poor neck positioning to check blind spots and reverse. If operators, and employers for that matter, are afforded additional knowledge about safe use of their equipment, potential hazards can be addressed and eliminated.

In this month’s webinar, we talk about front line training on the ergonomics of forklift use, with the aim of providing you and your staff with a basic understanding of ergonomic principles that can be applied to your daily routine. Not sure how to minimize poor postures and relieve static sitting? Join us for this informative session!

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Jun 27, 2018
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