Striking a balance: Getting the Right Level of Detail in your PDA

A Physical Demands Assessment (PDA) aims to explain the physical requirements of a job, including all strength, mobility, dexterity, and postural demands, and is an integral component of the return to work and disability management process.

However, not all PDAs are created equal. Some provide the client with a lot more highly detailed and objective information (e.g. accurate durations, frequencies) than others, which may simply be a checklist of physical demands. Generally speaking, the more detail the better as you will have more information about the job and how it can be accommodated but there is such a thing as too much detail as well (imagine a 30-page PDA that few will ever be able to locate the right information in).

This webinar will demonstrate the various essential components of a Physical Demands Assessment while also how to streamline your thorough document to ensure you get a succinct and effective PDA that is ‘checking all the boxes’ for your RTW program.

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: May 15, 2018
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