Office work: A Pain in the Back?

Are you uncomfortable sitting at your desk all day? If you are, it’s likely one or more of your employees is as well. But the good news is, it does not have to be this way!

Most often, when we experience discomfort while at work, we tell ourselves “it’s nothing” or “it’s temporary”. Since we believe the pain is going to go away, we usually continue to work without changing anything about our work environment which leads to increased pain and discomfort that compounds over time.

Addressing musculoskeletal issues early means those workers who are experiencing discomfort get the help they need while also minimizing time off work, claim costs and other inefficiencies.

This month’s webinar discusses the importance of ergonomics in today’s office environment and how to take a more comprehensive approach to address your office ergonomic needs. Getting proactive in the office is an easy way to tackle ergonomics at your workplace – let us show you how to get started today!

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Feb 28, 2018
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