Does not compute: What does "Ergonomic Equipment" really mean?

Familiar with this scenario? After spending the day at their computers, you hear reports from staff of aches and pains; right shoulder, neck, back or wrist. You know they have tried treatment outside the workplace, sought help from a medical professional (physiotherapist, chiropractor, etc.) or iced the area, but there is no improvement.

That’s likely because treatment doesn’t address the root cause of the problem – poor ergonomic set-up at their computer.

You want to act on their ergonomic issues by getting some new equipment for their work spaces but are stalled when you look online and realize that all the products claim to be ‘ergonomic’. How do you know a product is actually designed with human factors in mind, rather than having a fancy label on its packaging?

Join us this month for our webinar on how to choose ergonomic office equipment that truly fits and addresses the needs of you and your staff. We will discuss how the term “ergonomic” is used for marketing purposes and give you the information you need to be an INFORMED consumer; allowing you to purchase equipment that will minimize the onset of MSDs symptoms.

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Jan 23, 2018
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