Field Worker Ergonomics: Part 2

We know that ergonomics for non-office municipal workers is overwhelming due, in part, to:

  • Varied work environments
  • Awkward and heavy equipment
  • Manual work
  • Vehicle limitations
  • Non-standard lifting
  • Lack of support or input for change
  • Lack of communication on discomfort/challenges

As a result, it can be hard to figure out where to start, how to address the issues, and how to build a sustainable program to address these hazards.

Thatís where we come in! This customized webinar series has been designed specifically to help address these issues.

In Part 2 of this series, we will present 5 common action items that municipalities are tackling to start addressing ergonomic issues in the field and practical steps you can use to start taking action in this area:

  1. Identifying high risk jobs/tasks
  2. Utilizing ergonomic checklists
  3. Customizing lifting programs
  4. Developing purchasing standards
  5. Educating on the ergonomics of driving

Join us to gain great, practical ideas on where to start and ideas for sustainable program improvement!

  • Event: Webinar
  • Date: Oct 04, 2017


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