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Helping you take the next step to ergonomic success

Every organization has the extraordinary potential, and responsibility, to positively impact employees’ health and well-being through proactive and productive ergonomic practices – and that’s something we want to be part of.

As Certified Professional Ergonomists, our passion remains solidly grounded in optimizing human movement in the workplace through improved design, work practices, tools, and equipment, and helping organizations achieve the next level of ergonomic injury prevention.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and know firsthand that a strong partnership starts with a conversation. We listen to each of our client’s problems or concerns, and work hand-in-hand with them to customize a solution that meets each of their objectives.

Everything we do is with the goal of helping organizations be “better than yesterday” and take a step (or many!) towards a healthier and safer workplace for all employees.

Partners supporting ergonomic change

We feel privileged to help organizations tackle ergonomic challenges in the workplace, seeking sustainable solutions for advancing their ergonomic programs to the next level.

Alex Stinson - Certified Professional Ergonomist

Alex Stinson, B.Sc., R.Kin., CCPE

Certified Professional Ergonomist

I started my career in a clinical setting, working with athletes, but quickly became frustrated with the reactive nature of the work. I wanted to be proactive, so transitioning to ergonomics was seamless and fulfilled my desire to take a preventative rather than reactive approach to injury.

Ergonomics also includes a creative element, which had been missing in my career. Every ergonomic challenge has a variety of potential solutions, and the fit of each depends on factors such as workplace culture, layout, budget, and more. I love the challenge of evaluating an ergonomic problem and using innovation and creativity to drive successful solutions that are unique to each client’s needs.

Jen McGillis - Certified Professional Ergonomist

Jen McGillis, M.Sc., R.Kin., CPE

Certified Professional Ergonomist

A desire to help people and prevent injuries were always at the heart of ‘my why’ but it wasn’t until I started my Master’s Degree, and dived into ergonomics more deeply, that I found my passion – and quickly realized how it could expand my impact on injury prevention.

Whether I’m delivering a training session, or partnering with a business to solve an ergonomic challenge, I always strive to stay worker-focused, ensuring that every educational moment or ergonomic solution is grounded in preventing injuries in practical and sustainable ways.

I feel privileged knowing that I help guide organizations to a safer workplace every day.

Dennis Larson - Associate Ergonomist

Dennis Larson, Ph.D., AE

Associate Ergonomist

My interest in ergonomics began while completing my undergraduate Human Kinetics degree. Driven by a passion for understanding human movement, I pursued a Ph.D. in Biomechanics, where I investigated the influence of back muscle fatigue and lift movement (re)training on lumbar spine motion control during repetitive lifting tasks.

I strive to utilize my biomechanical knowledge to reduce the burden of musculoskeletal injuries and disorders in the workplace to ensure everyone gets home safe and injury-free at the end of the workday.

Dawn Rynberk - Ergonomic Specialist

Dawn Rynberk, B.Sc., R.Kin.

Ergonomic Specialist

I aim to deliver assessments that apply sound biomechanical analysis to identify physical demands, potential MSD risk factors, and improve human movement at work. With a strong background in functional demands and Return to Work, I strive to bring my deep understanding of injury and employee functional abilities to all assessments to improve workplace fit and function.

Samantha Murray - Ergonomic Specialist

Samantha Murray, B.A., Kinesiology & Exercise

Ergonomic Specialist

My journey into ergonomics was sparked by my father's health struggles due to repetitive work, driving my desire to have a positive impact on protecting workers health. My firsthand experience with MSD injuries sharpens my dedication to preventing similar challenges, ensuring work doesn't compromise workers quality of life.

"Each experience with PROergonomics has been seamless! The team is professional, prompt with performing assessments, as well as reports. They are truly a pleasure to work with."

Corporate Services Manager, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Amanda Guppy

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