WFH Series Part 2: Meeting Ergonomic Set-up Standards at Home

Work from Home (WFH) continues into 2021 and some workplaces are exploring options for staff to continue working from home permanently, at least part-time. This is part 2 of a 3-part webinar series we have offered on WFH and the considerations workplaces transitioning to permanent work should be considering.

Meeting Ergonomic Set-up Standards at Home – Equipment Guidelines

The CSA standard on Office Ergonomics (Z412-17) maps out proper ergonomic set-up in an office with the focus on achieving a fit between the user and their workstation (e.g. chair, monitor, desk height). Although designed before the expansive work from home we are seeing now, the principles and practices outlined in this document are sound and should be applied to in-office and at-home workstations alike.

In this webinar we will summarize key equipment set-up issues organizations are experiencing as they move from temporary work from home to more permanent work from home arrangements. Permanent arrangements often necessitate a different approach to equipment and minimum acceptable standards in the home office and require a mind-set shift within an organization.

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