Ergonomic Focus for COVID-19 RTW: Combat Physical Deconditioning

Many employers are busy strategizing their Employee Return to Work Plan as workplaces get the clear to reopen after weeks of lockdown.

Although ergonomics may not appear to be an issue of high importance when dealing with the chaos wrought by this pandemic, it can’t be ignored that employees have been laid off or on reduced work hours for over 2 months and in that time have likely experienced physical deconditioning which puts them at risk for developing an MSD when work is resumed.

In this webinar we will be reviewing:

  • How does Ergonomics integrate into the Covid-19 Return to Work Plan
  • Production expectations for the fatigued worker and increased absenteeism
  • How physical distancing at work may increase ergonomic/MSD hazards
  • Strategies for minimizing injuries due to reduced physical capacities

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