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Custom ergonomic solutions for diverse workplace challenges

Ergonomic challenges in the workplace require solutions that consider worker health and injury prevention as well as productivity and performance to maximize the impact. Our goal with every project is to find solutions that ‘check all the boxes’; considering ergonomic problems from multiple directions and finding solutions that are practical and sustainable.

Ergonomics for every industry and every job

Industrial ergonomics centers on MSD hazard identification, evaluating risk, and developing solutions for efficient design of equipment, workstations, and processes, for safer workers and improved bottom line.

Ergonomics in municipalities requires a two-tiered approach to address safety and productivity both for office staff and field-based employees to identify and address MSD hazards for all municipal workers.

Safe patient handling, manual material handling, lab ergonomics and office ergonomics form the main pillars of ergonomics in healthcare. By focusing on the unique ergonomic challenges present in these tasks, you can improve workstation layout and work practices to create a safer work environment for all staff.

Ergonomics for offices improves comfort and productivity by optimizing workspace design and equipment to improve posture, reduce strain and enhance employee well-being.

Don’t see your industry?

No problem. Our team of Ergonomists has experience in many industries, serving the diverse needs of clients from retail to nuclear to aerospace and beyond. Visit our Services page to learn more about what we offer or Contact Us today to discuss how we can help you accomplish your next ergonomic project.

What Makes Us Different

Personalized approach

PROergonomics stands out for our customized solutions, personalized approach, expert team, and commitment to delivering practical solutions that prioritize client satisfaction and success. At PROergonomics we want to understand your challenge so that we can guide you to an ergonomic action plan that will improve worker’s health and well-being and positively impact your operational process.

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Take the next step towards creating a safer, healthier, and more ergonomic workplace for your team

"We were looking to complete ergonomic assessments and training for our staff. Our decision to use PROergonomics provided us with some of the best feedback we had from our production staff to date. Their professionalism and approachability and their ability to deliver on time, proved to us they were the right choice to make!"

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